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09.09.2011 - Well, thats all folks... DrakeArnold.com Version 1.0 has officially been replaced with a sexy new interface. While I'm still not done building my new website, I think it's safe to say that this one will never be updated again. So thats just about everything... Don't forget to turn out the lights when you leave...


08.08.2011 - I've made a couple of music videos for some of my songs in the last month or so. One of the songs 'Souffle au Charabia', is sung in faux French with some interesting timing changes. The other, 'When Man Still Dreamt' is an electronic and acoustic affair. Because I plan to redesign my website sometime soon, I have no intentions of bothering to add those videos to this site. You can however find them on my Youtube account, or on my blog Random Rants. More music and videos to follow soon...

06.27.2011 - Well hello my dusty dear readers, it has been a long while since I've bothered to pipe up has it not? I am so pleased to be unveiling my greatest new creation; nothing! I have been keeping busy though. I've been recording and playing a lot of music over the past year. I've recorded a full album of old blues standards with a friend of mine, but as we are currently bored with that project, it's in a bit of a 'purgatory' phase right now. I'm sure we'll finish it up at some point later this year though. In an effort to make the time I've spent playing music this last year seem more tangible to me, I've taken lately to making a couple of 'split screen' music videos. You can see the two I've already made on my Youtube account. I expect I'll continue making more of these as I've thoroughly enjoyed making those two. What else? I don't know! ...I just figured I'd make an update, as it's been long enough... To see what all else I've been up to this last year go on and check out my blog already; Random Rants...

08.03.2010 - Well, I've been busy working on stuff lately, just not anything I really want to update my website with... To keep up with my latest goings on, feel free to cheack out my blog: Random Rants, which I update more frequently.

05.22.2010 - Well, seeing as I can't imagine this fitting in to the stuff I'm currently working on, I suppose it's fitting to have it laid to rest here... Bang Bang

04.19.2010 - Don't mistake my silence as of late, gentle reader, for there is much on the way. I have turned my back on the visual arts for now and am in the process of recording a bunch of new music. Unlike before however, I thought I'd hold on to the songs and release them all at once, as opposed to just posting a song as I recorded it. At any rate, look forward to a new album of magic and wonder soon [or realistically in like six months]. I'll also try to be reorganizing some of my older music soon into logical albums with track numbers instead of just a bunch of random mp3's with mixed and matched information. Anyways, just for good measure I'll leave you with a link to watch a video of what I was working on last before I went on an animation hiatus:Cartoon Idea

02.25.2010 - Celebrating the two year anniversary of DrakeArnold.com today! [I remembered because I had to make a payment on it today]

02.01.2010 - A song I recorded in the last week. I was doing my laundry and started drumming on the washer to the beat of the water. Stupidity ensued... This song is long and akward [just like me], so be prepared -- Awash

01.20.2010 - I didn't add these before now for a reason... I wasn't going to. I don't have anything better to add though. Pumpkins

01.1.2010 - well... what is there to even say... oh... perhaps i could head this: 3:00ish - AM... drunk... bitter...

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uh... Happy new year, I suppose... may it be just swell...

12.16.2009 - eat, seep, work... eat, sleep, work... ear, sleep, work... eat, sleep, work... drake shave beard, drake good boy... feed drake peanut?

11.04.2009 - I recorded this the other day - 10/29/09 - Just another day of restlessness & fidgeting.

10.13.2009 - A mixed media piece I finished the other day: Oh, the Things I do...

10.12.2009 - If you enjoy recycled food, then enjoy this Comic Strip.

10.06.2009 - I added that photo album I was thinking about yesterday on the lyfe page:L.Y.F.E., and here is a watercolor I did just recently, it's nothing special:Hindenburg.

10.05.2009 - Updated the lyfe site in the music section. Nothing major just now, but I'll try to add a photo album to it soon I think.

10.01.2009 - Here is a boring page that I will send to perspective graphic design employers...Graphic Design.

09.30.2009 - Some paintings I've done in the past month; Seppuku, Solitude, Hanging Out, Cosmetically Challenged, Dandelion Dawn, Winter, With Blood & Oil, Cross My Heart..., Deserted, and Polarity.

09.06.2009 - Four short videos I've done recently; Craptacular Animation Round - Up

09.01.2009 - Well... here's a blog... why not? Random Rants.

08.04.2009 - And again! A reel of broken down dreams and crappy ideas; Failed Animations Reel.

08.03.2009 - Buah ha ha, Back already! Anyways, Here are some old interactive flash projects I did for awhile, a while ago. Interactive

07.24.2009 - Where did the last month go? Well, here is a stop animation by Julia Ponzek: Metastasis. It makes the cut, why not? Also added the song by the same name in my music section. And thats about it for updates for now, I don't have much else lurking about in a musty old closet/harddrive that I feel compelled to photograph and put on here. As I am in the middle of moving and hopefully about to start a new job soon, It will probably be another few months before the time availes itself to me for me to be updating this site again. Mmm-yes... Furthermore, I find messages of this nature tacky and try not leave them often... Perhaps I should start a new blog on here instead of putting random blatherings into the updates section... Why are my sections organized by mediums and programs anyway? What average user would know, or much less, care about that? Will I ever make this website compatible with Internet Explore 6 or will that become an obselete question before I do. Shuld I use a dern spell chek when I done writes on here so I don't writes stupididly, or should I save the time and effort? and for that matter, does dreamweaver not have a spell check built in to it or am I just retarded?[I'd think it has to, I must be retarded]... Should I use words like retarded in that fashion on my website or does that come off as offensive? Do I actually care if it does? And whats with the way I use a ellipsis/aposiopesis every other sentence [...] ? These are all very important questions which will consume me for the next few months... As I look deep inside myself, I hope that you, gentle user, will do the same.

06.23.2009 - jcfnec9hv83rf39ujcawsdoxmpodaxowu8..... Reduce, Reuse, Retaliate.

06.14.2009 - I went back today and added the photographs that I used to paint Self Portrait #1 and Self Parasite #2.

06.13.2009 - This is an interesting creature I concocted... Forest Spirit.

06.11.2009 - Fresh off the press, here it is, a new oil painting I did a few month ago... Self Parasite #2.

06.10.2009 - Today I added three new pictures of my prints. I made a new print of "Siddartha", and I added charcoal around the print "Assemble". I added a new picture of "Family Portrait" because I matted my prints and it will probably be the last time I print any of those plates any time soon.

06.08.2009 - Here is a painting I did in someone's living room - Wall Art.

06.03.2009 - This 3D animation was going to be pretty cool... Then I had to rush to get it finished before graduation. Oh well, I think it still turned out ok... Cookie Cutter

06.02.2009 - This is a half finished movie... Assemble.

06.01.2009 - Here's the other movie I made while doing community service at the UT Library: Ten Reasons.

05.31.2009 - I made this short film for the University of Tampa library... That being said, I tried not to make it that offensive to the sensitive library folk: The Librarian.

05.30.2009 - It's been five month, perhaps it's high time for me to throw my newest rubbish heaps of art into this waste basket of a website, Ho Hum... Hmmm, let me see, there is a rough 3D animation, a couple of dumb videos, a half finished flash cartoon, a few stop animations and whatever traditional art pieces I did, few and far between. All this good crap and more for your veiwing displeasure coming in the next week or so I should imagine. Also with any luck, I'd like to redesign this site in the near future; give it a spiffy new flash interface. That way I could point you good people to the few endeavors on this site I actually care about, as opposed to just setting you loose in this jungle of nintey percent garbage.

12.19.2008 - Today I added a collage I made a few days ago... Body Repairs ...I don't know why I even bothered to add it, it's not like it's that special or anything but hey, what the hell right? Also Added the fourth panel of my oil paintings:Sacred Forest, which in turn completes the greater image, Unity.

12.17.2008 - Added my four prints today... There will be more prints to come in the near future as well. Assemble, Siddhartha, Clown Band and Family Portrait.

12.13.2008 - Added Tilapia Dirt-Bike Rally today. I don't exactly know how to feel about this one...

11.25.2008 - I added a higher quality version of my video Daily Programming today and also added a link to get back to the updates page in the "what remains" menu, nothing to exciting... I have begun working on my next animation though, so keep a look out for that in the next couple months. I've also got some prints I've done that I still need to put on here too.

11.20.2008 - I added the music from Daily Programming and Aphrodite to my music section for all to download and enjoy!

10.23.2008 - Well... Here's a video I just finished: Daily Programming.

09.23.2008 - Here is my Cyborg gorilla sculpture from the summer. I hadn't put it up on the site yet because technically I am not considering it finished yet, however, it could be a while before i get around to "finishing" it, so I figured I might as well just throw some photographs of it on here... Chimera.

09.08.2008 - Without further ado, here it finally is... My latest animation project: Aphrodite.

09.03.2008 - Today I added description underneath all the flash cartoons... woot! I am pretty much done with my newest flash cartoon, I'll probably put it up in a few days, so check back soon.

08.07.2008 - I have been working on some really neat stuff, but it won't be finished for another few weeks, so I don't really have anything new to add. There's not much else left for me to put on this site except for my photographs, videos, and some more writings but I've got about 5,000 pictures to deal with and I'm embarassed of most of my other crap, so I'll get around to putting it up eventually, I guess. Anyways, the important stuff to look for in the next few weeks is my upcoming cartoon, which remains to be titled and the awesome Cyborg-gorilla-zombie-robot-mutant-hybrid-monster sculpture I am making.

07.18.2008 - Well, I have recently gotten back from my "vacation" and have been getting back to business as usual. I started a new flash cartoon last week, here's a preview: Waltz. Also, I'm taking sculpture for summer B and I made a pretty sweet gorilla skull: Skull.

07.01.2008 - I'm not going to lie, I haven't worked on this website at all because I've been pretty busy with my art history class, but I'll be done with it after tomorrow. I think summer session B starts next week anyways though, so I'll still be busy for the rest of eternity... on top of that I've felt despondent lately in general and apathetic towards all my projects... I'm actually in a cabin in Alaska on a luxurious vacation in my mind somewhere... I'll resume where I left off pretty soon here, for now I'm cooking up a stew.

06.18.2008 - I've been busy with summer school lately, but I did add a background to one of my drawings yesterday: A Proposal.

06.13.2008 - Posted a demo version of Squirrel Shooter the flash game I've been working on. Nothing new for the next few days, I'll be too busy.

06.12.2008 - Harder, Better is up and finished today, a collab with Cory cook...

06.11.2008 - school blah blah blah... flash game is busket but I'm still working on it

06.10.2008 - Made a flash game today, I'll put it up soon.

06.09.2008 - Been working on the photography section, but to be honest, I have been putting off doing this photography section for a while because I have over 3,000 pictures I need to go through and it is an epic task to say the least, so it'll probably still be another few days or even a week before I get it finished. Anyways, I'll put it up in sections as I get it done so hopefully there should be a few up before long...

06.06.2008 - Mustache Party Tonight!

06.05.2008 - keeping busy with preparations for the Mustache Party

06.04.2008 - been doing some preliminary work for the photgraphy section recently...

05.31.2008 - except for band practice, I never get anything done on the weekends   ;)

05.29.2008 - "In Paradise" to be shown at the "Noche Del Arte" event in Ybor city at the Cuban Club.

05.28.2008 - added the links to the flash video's titled "Awaken", "Autoscopy" and "Crocodile Hunter"... some good stuff

05.27.2008 - added the "essays" links in the writing section and converted all QuickTime movies to .flv, which solved a lot of problems

05.26.2008 - Haven't had a chance to work on this much for the past few days, I've been kind of busy, but I've got more material waiting to go online... I'll add some more stuff under the writing section soon and I'll also create a photography section eventually, after I resize all my images and what not... Anyways, I think it will be just swell. Tally-ho

05.25.2008 - cake and ice cream?

05.21.2008 - added the blog link finally, still need to add the other stuff in the writing section though.

05.20.2008 - working to improve my page rank and general site promotion...

05.19.2008 - trying to optomize my site...

05.18.2008 - deleted "art311" section and replaced it with "web design" section.

05.17.2008 - boring website stuff

05.16.2008 - fixing little problems here and there

05.15.2008 - I've been working on other projects...

05.13.2008 - Added some drawings from this past semester's drawing class

05.12.2008 - Summer vacation started for me and so I took a nice trip to the beach for the weekend and saw a Stephen Marley concert too. Anyways, as of today, my html site is officially offline and my php site has replaced it. I also added a few extra pictures of some old highschool artwork. One problem though, my flash cartoons don't work in my php site, so I'll have to figure that out soon.

05.06.2008 - Radiohead concert tonight!

05.05.2008 - Getting ready to take my html site offline and put up my php site.

05.04.2008 - been working on php stuff... once thats done I'll add some more content on the site

04.28.2008 - converting site into php, trying to resolve Internet Explorer problems and more navigation issues.

04.25.2008 - converting site into php...

04.24.2008 - converting site into php...

04.23.2008 - working on php...

04.22.2008 - added a few more mp3's... trying to figure out how to convert the xhtml into php...

04.21.2008 - "digital art" and "traditional art" sections are starting to have more content.

04.20.2008 - photoshop, drawings, flash and other stuff is starting to come up.

04.19.2008 - finally figured out the navigation problems, hallelujah!

04.16.2008 - making lots of art pages, still trying to figure out navigation issues.

04.14.2008 - "music" and "what remains" sections are up.

04.13.2008 - lyfe, frank, contact, and art311 pages are up, creating other pages, and trying to figure out navigation

04.09.2008 - boring html stuff... check back soon...

04.08.2008 - endlessly formatting photographs.

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